Cheat Sheet

I have designed this website to help primary care clinicians complete routine health maintenance for their patients. I have recently transitioned from a position in the emergency department at a level I trauma center. I needed help keeping up with routine check ups; this was never a part of my practice until now. I had created several tools to help me with this, using as up-to-date information as I could find. After doing all this research, it seemed that others could benefit from this compilation of information as well, and this is the result. The following pages will allow you to enter information about your patient and receive recommendations for preventive screenings and health maintenance. It will provide a summary page (in PDF format) that may be printed, copied, downloaded, etc. for inclusion in the patient chart.

I hope you find this as useful as I do. Please leave me questions, comments, improvements, etc. by clicking on the CONTACT link above.

There are four sections to this site: Cheat Sheet, Billing, Screening, and Immunizations. Descriptions of these sections are listed below.