Have a look around. I have designed a variety of websites and web apps. Many of these are password protected to preserve the privacy of my clients and their users. However, you can still get a good look at the the capabilities of web-based applications.

Cheat Sheet This is a summary of primary care health maintenance recommendations and calculators. It will output a summary that may be imported into a chart as text or as a PDF.
Cleaning Time This is a personal site I set up for the kids to let them know how quickly the house is getting cleaned on "cleaning day". Cub Scout Pack 62 is located in Columbia, CT. This site allows for calendars, news, membership management, and links of interest to the pack. Members canalso keep track of their achievements and the requirements for advancement to the next rank.
Irish Dancing This site lists the steps for a variety of Irish step dances. Traditional set dances and other public domain dainces are freely availalble. Proprietary dances require a username and password to protect the intellectual property rights of their creators.
PA/NP Students Physician Assistant and Nurse Practitioner students completing their clinical rotations at Community Health Services in Hartford, CT will use this site to register and complete training for their rotations.
Packing List This is another personal site that makes it easier to remember all the things we need to bring with us on vacations.
Saint Andrew Choir St Andrew Church is located in Colchester, CT. This site is for their choir, including a picture gallery, music library, and calendar.